Growing Hemp In 2020

As we see the industry continue to evolve, it is very clear that being able to control your costs even more important than ever. With prices of biomass headed down almost $2/pt since the beginning of the season, understanding the costs of all your inputs, creating a budget and being able to stick with it all the way through the harvest is more important than ever. This game we call “Hemp farming” is quickly a race to the bottom. He who can grow the best quality, highest CBD crop for the lowest price on the largest scale will win the race. With the amount of acres permitted to exceed 2 million and estimated planted acres to exceed 1 million (4 times grown in 2019) it is important to find the service providers that can help you win and allow you to keep your costs in check by eliminating much of the physical labor required by mechanizing as much of the process as possible. As farmers ourselves we have created solutions for each part of the growing process and are very confident that we can provide an in house services for every aspect of your operation. Many “consultants” will help you find seed, from one of their buddies who are kicking back a commission to them, can walk a field and give you some tips and can say they will be there all along the way, but we will physically come work your field with you. We will be there to plant, cultivate, harvest and dry your field and be fully vested in your crop! We at GZ Enterprises LLC look forward to working right along side of you. Call me today to find out how we can start planning your field for 2020. Call Aaron at 888-734-4368

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