Seed Sales / Planting

We work closely with only proven and compliant seed genetics suppliers to partner with our farms. Our farming and planting system will benefit any farmer no matter how large or small or experience level. We can customize a plan with the right seed, the proper planting methods, and field management consulting to start your project off right.

Field Management and Cultivation

As we learned through growing over 6000 acres in 2019, cultivation and weed control is one of the most important tasks for any field manager. We have used every technique possible and have built new equipment that will allow you to cultivate up to 750 acres per season with 4 people. This tool will be available in time for the 2020 planting season. We will be making our equipment available to our growing partners in 2020 to ensure we keep the weeds under control.

Mechanical de-weeding, Cultivator will be able to manage 750 acres with 4 people

Harvesting and Drying

Next to choosing the right genetic for your land, the harvest and drying method you use can make or break you on quality. In 2020 the name of the game will be growing the best hemp crop for the least amount of cost per acre. Doing so also means that every point of CBD/CBG you can save through the harvesting and drying process will set you apart from the rest of the industry. Our goal is provide the best most consistent high CBD crops possible with our partners which will allow for the highest confidence from large purchasers that they will get the best quality constantly. Our process of harvesting, and drying takes place in the field immediately which minimized the opportunity for loss.

Drying Solution
Top Quality Stripping and Chopping Equipment